4 Ways To Know That You Really Trust Your Other Half.

Trust in general is a very hard concept. Once a crack is built in the foundation of a relationship, that crack only gets bigger. The key here is to realize if you have actually been given a reason to not trust your other half, or if a lot of your issues stem from issues you have with yourself. Sometimes we reflect our insecurities on to others and before you know it, we form problems that weren’t there to begin with. If you have been given a reason, then it will surely be hard to gain that trust back. However, it is not impossible, if both parties work together to ensure it is dealt with and communicated effectively.

Take a look at 4 signs that show you what it should look like when you trust someone:

A fight is just a fight: When you are not insecure that your relationship is going to end because you have had an argument about something, this should show you that you TRUST the other person, to deal with it maturely. Most people who find themselves in relationships thinking that the other person is going to walk out the door the second a curve ball is thrown, are in relationships where they don’t know if the other person will actually be there.

Being the real you: When we first meet someone we are the best versions of ourselves. We do all the right things and say all the right things. However, if you are in a relationship where you know you can be your REAL self, which means, you make no sense sometimes, vent occasionally and are comfortable exposing your flaws, then, you are in a trusting relationship. If you find that you can’t be your real self, in the words of Marilyn Monroe “If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you don’t deserve me at my best”.

You understand space is important: Most people say they like their space however, when their significant other wants to spend the night with their friends instead of watching a movie, all claws come out. If you truly trust someone then you should be able to spend time away from him or her. People in trusting relationships retract their claws. They tend to have their own set of friends and priorities. They trust each other to know that their relationship will always be one of the top priorities in each other’s lives.

Snooping is unacceptable: Someone once said to me “ if you keep digging for an answer, you might not find what you are looking for, but you will find something”. Stop Snooping! Couples in trustworthy relationships know that checking each other’s social media, emails etc. is completely unacceptable. If you trust someone you would never feel the need to do this because you would know that they wouldn’t hide anything from you. Also, maybe your other half isn’t necessarily doing something wrong. However, if you keep digging you might not get the answer you were searching for, but might find out something else about them, that they would have wished to share with you over time.

When it comes to trust, you have to understand that it is something that is BUILT over time. There is always a risk that the person you invest in one day might let you down. However, a lot of us destroy something that is working for us, with our own baggage from past relationships.

At the end of the day, you have to give someone the benefit of the doubt and contribute towards having a healthy relationship.If you don’t learn to open up your heart and give someone a real chance then you will end up being considered damaged goods.

And trust me… no one wants to invest in that.


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