5 Things You Learn About Life By The Time You Are In Your Late Twenties!

Remember, when we were in school? When our main concern in life was our report card coming out, who is dating whom and how to get a later curfew? We’d say things like ‘I can’t wait to get out of here and go to college’. Then we went. We had the best four years of our lives and shortly after that, we entered the real world. The world without our college friends, the world where you had to figure out your career goals, and the world where relationships got serious and confusing. So what have you really learnt in the last few years? Take a look:

You come FIRST– When we are younger we tend to make everything else a priority but ourselves. The older you get, you tend to understand that people and things come and go. If you do not pay attention to self-development and you do not have goals, you will end up feeling empty. You learn the importance of paying attention to your own NEEDS outside your social environment.

People grow differently– Things change. Relationships do as well. This is a time where everyone is finding themselves. Friendships and relationships that you thought might last forever can break. It is important to remember at this time that we all have different paths. Not everyone that comes into your life is going to always be there. Some people enter and then leave, because their only purpose on your path was to teach you something about yourself.

Stress– Stress can actually affect your health. As you grow older you realise that how you live your daily life is important, as stress affects both your mental and physical state. You tend to pay more attention to having a healthy diet and exercising regularly. You also learn that stress is a part of life. You learn how to laugh through it, deal with it, and move on.

Different kinds of love– You learn that sometimes things just don’t work out. You learn that even if they don’t it doesn’t mean that love did not exist and a true bond was not shared. There are different kinds of love. And unfortunately, some of them are not ‘the forever’ kind. This is the stage in your life where you are actually figuring out what you want in a partner. You also start to believe that timing is everything and if it did not work out, it was probably not the right person or the right time.

You are allowed to feel lost– It is okay to feel lost. You believe that now. You believe this because when you look around you and talk to other people in their late twenties, you realize they are no different from you. Everyone is trying to find themselves and figure out their path. You are not alone. And not having all the pieces to your puzzle just yet, is common.

Now remember when you were in college? Remember daydreaming about what your life would be like after? What type of car you’d drive, where you would work and what the real world would be like? A lot of us stopped daydreaming shortly after, because the real world was scary and it probably took a lot of us longer then we had anticipated to get where we are currently.

And although the dream may not look quite the same, through all the broken hearts, career confusion, family pressures and cities we moved, it’s important that we remember that we finally got here! A little bruised from our past experiences, but stronger than ever for what the future may bring!

Enjoy the rest of your twenties because just like college, before you know it, this time in your life will be gone.

So, ask yourself…

do you really want to wish it all away so fast?



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