Affordable Luxury Jewellery- Isn’t That What All Women need?

Every woman needs a place where she can purchase luxury jewellery that’s affordable. A place that caters to glamour and a place that ensures your outfit is given the perfect touch of elegance. One of my favourite places? Anaqa Fashion Jewellery and Accessories, Colaba.



Finding jewellery that is different  from what you normally see, is difficult. I have always felt that if you are going to spend a certain amount of money, then you should purchase something that you absolutely love and is distinctive. Finding something that is truly unique is what Anaqa specialises in. Their collections range from casual to luxury, thus making it easy for every woman to find pieces that truly speak to them.


Their jewellery is also perfect for gifts. When buying something for a woman, men should want to give her something that she can a) wear a lot and b) speak to her individualistic style. Nothing does that better than signature pieces that you can hand pick for her. Their collections are simply exquisite and their jewels are detailed to absolute perfection.


With wedding season upon us, finding jewellery that caters to your outfit can truly be a nightmare. However, it is a dream when you visit Anaqa’s store. Browse through their various collections keeping your colour scheme in mind and find something that is not only affordable, but can be repeated with your wardrobe’s numerous Indian outfits.



The best part? They are also going to be available online soon! So, instead of getting ready and driving yourself to their store, you can now sip on a glass of wine and do your shopping online. You can have their beautiful pieces delivered to your door step thus making your life a hundred times easier.

Anaqa’s jewellery is not only affordable but manages to speak to every woman because their pieces are distinctive, fashionable and absolutely stunning. So, if you are in need of adding some glitz and glamour to your look, Anaqa is your one- stop-shop for that much needed shine and sparkle.

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