Are You Dating Or Hooking Up? – Translating The Colours In Between.

Ah! The complex world of dating. With our generation coming up with various different shared bonds, half of us don’t even know where we stand in them. How do you decipher if someone is your other half or in the words of drake just a ‘hot line bling’? Well, let’s examine his behavior shall we?


  1. Prime time slots– Are you seeing each other regularly on the weekend? If you are seeing each other mid week or on weekdays then this may not constitute as being exclusive. Prime time slots are Friday and Saturday day and nights, where couples make plans regularly and weekly to spend time together. Also, pay attention to if he is making plans with you in advance. Randomly, texting you on a Friday or Saturday night asking to see if you want to grab a drink, could mean that you are just a last minute option. A guy who really wants to see you will want to book your time way in advance to ensure you show up.
  2. Talking/Texting– How often do the two of you speak? A couple of times a week probably doesn’t mean your exclusively dating. If you were seeing someone, you would be at least talking a couple times a DAY, minimum. He will want to know how your day is going and he will want to be consistent in your life. When a guy shows consistency it also shows his intentions. Lack of consistency usually means he is not that into you just yet and as of right now he may be viewing this just as a hook up.
  3. Friends and Family– Has he introduced you to his family or friends yet? A guy that is officially with you will want to spend time with you around his loved ones. A guy that is not serious about you will not be open to questions about the two of you and thus he wouldn’t put him self in a situation to get asked.
  4. Hooking up– Do the two of you actually connect? Are your meetings just about lust? Every bond will have this factor but knowing how to evaluate it, is the key. If you are mainly spending time at home and he doesn’t seem to want to go on dates or spend time with you with your clothes ON, then that is a sure give away that he is not interested in growing this bond.
  5. Have the talk– the last and sure way of knowing where you stand is by doing the simplest thing we fear most, ASKING! Having the conversation Zac Efron refers to in the movie ‘That Awkward Moment’, that usually starts the word ‘So’ and ends with ‘where do we stand?’, is a stage all bonds usually reach. There is no point in staying in something that doesn’t 100 percent satisfy YOU!


We may not always get what we want out of the relationships we attempt. But never be afraid to demand it. The worst thing that could happen is the person could walk out of your life. And yes, right now that may seem like a risk your not willing to take in fear of loosing what your heart desires the most. However, what we fail to see is that if you are in a situation where your hearts desires are already not being met, then you really have nothing to loose. When you find out where you truly stand with someone, only one of two things can happen:

  • you get what you want


  • The person gets a clean break to leave your life so you can find someone that can.

Remember guys, we settle for a lot of mediocre things in life…

And love?

Well, that certainly shouldn’t be one of them.


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