Can Leaving Someone For Someone Else, Lead To True Love?

Love Triangles

Can you truly start a relationship by breaking someone else’s? Yes, you can argue that if their home was so easily broken then it would have broken either ways. However, do you really know that? When someone leaves someone for someone else, hearts get broken, drama in unleashed and most of the time, at least one connection gets broken forever. However, the heart wants what it wants. So if you are attracted to someone who is in a relationship or you are in a relationship and are attracted to someone who isn’t your partner, what do you do?

Be honest with yourself- Sometimes being in a terrible situation can cause havoc to your mind and your inner moral compass. However, the only way to bring the peace back in your life is to realize that you are only human. You have human emotions. If your feelings have changed towards someone then yes, it is horrible that this has happened, but all you can do now, is face it. Denial will eventually turn in to guilt. And, living with guilt? Nothing causes more havoc within you then that. If it doesn’t cause that, then you seriously need to relook your morals and values all together. Be honest with yourself. It is the first step at redemption.

Don’t cheat- No matter how you feel your feelings are not more important then your partner’s. They have invested their time, heart and patience in this relationship. They deserve more then you being out the door without their knowledge. Have the decency to confront them. Yes, it will be hard and you are probably going to be petrified of their reaction. However, life is hard, so grow up!  There is no excuse for not telling them and being a coward, certainly isn’t one. If you have been cheated on then take a look at How To Deal With Being Cheated On.

Talk to them: You are going to have to have this conversation whether you like it or not! Tell them how you feel and that you find yourself straying. Obviously, something in your relationship is not working as to why you are feeling this way. If your feelings have come to the point where you want to do something about the attraction you feel for someone else, then your other half deserves to know. If you are unsure about whether you want to end this relationship hence you haven’t told them, you have to at least tell them that you are unsure. They deserve to know where your mind is. Pretending to be in something hundred percent when you are not, is a lie. And, yes the percentage does matter!

Although these three steps seem super simple I know they are easier said then done. At the end of the day, I am not sure if someone’s relationship can work if it began by someone else getting hurt. Somewhere I feel we all have karmic penalties to pay for and we are reminded of them whenever we least expect it. However, as I said, you can’t change how you feel. So when faced with such situations all you can do is try and make it right.

While trying to find ourselves our generation’s moral chaos has ensured that the universe remains starved for righteous souls. Perhaps if you take a step towards redemption…

It might just be granted.



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