Dating Resolutions for 2018!


New year, new relationship goals!

As the year comes to an end, we are all gifted the opportunity to look back at how it was spent. Mistakes were made, adventures were had, people were added to our lives and some left. Most importantly, the year probably taught us a little more about ourselves. It is important to remember those things because they will guide you into the new year with a fresh perspective. So, here is a list of relationship resolutions made by yours truly, that you should take with you in the year to come.

I will never settle for less– Some times when we see our friends settle in situations or we do it ourselves, it’s funny how no one has to balls to say ‘stop being desperate’. We all think it, but we never say it. Perhaps we should. Why is the word such a stigma? Everyone is desperate for something or the other, at some point in his or her life. However, it is good to know when you are being desperate because then you can assess why you need something so badly. Nothing is worth settling for less than what you deserve. You don’t need anything but yourself. And, not everyone gets what he or she wants but eventually they get what the universe thinks they really need. Hold on to that thought.

I will not let any one put me down– No matter who you are dating or getting to know, make sure that you are respected. Someone who respects you will never be-little you. A lot of the time, people that put other people down suffer from massive insecurities that they haven’t dealt with. The best part? You are someone that wants to grow; you are someone that wants to love yourself. So, your journey is probably completely different from theirs. Acknowledge that and cut your ties. You owe it to be with someone that helps you grow, not hold you back.

I will not be insecure– Your insecurities are just that, YOURS! And, you can’t expect someone to cater to it because no one likes a dash of psychotic mixed into his or her cereal every morning. Learn to get a grip, take a hold of what is bothering you, understand why it is bothering you and then deal with them accordingly. If your insecurities are unjust and something that YOU are causing in your bond with someone without any real justification, then this is something you need to resolve. ON YOUR OWN!

I will compromise on anything but myself– Why is it so hard for us to put ourselves first? Why should we have to give up on our goals or what we want from life for someone else? Compromising is key in any relationship because it’s two lives merging together to create a better one. However, in order to achieve this you have to allow each other to bring out and be the best version of yourselves. Make adjustments by all means; just don’t give up who you are in the process. For more information check out Toxic Behaviour To Avoid If You Want Your Relationship To Last.

At the end of the day, the road to self-discovery should be of utmost importance to you. I hope you start your year loving yourself and working towards being the best you that you can be.

And, as Carrie Bradshaw taught us, “ if you can find someone to love the you that you love, well that’s just fabulous”.


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