Designing Your Own Shoes with Paio!


With wedding season upon us, most of us are planning our next holiday to get some much needed R&R from all the festivities. A break from the partying, celebrating and dressing up. However, as women, we still want to look cute on our vacation. So, while we pack we search for outfits and accessories in our closets, that will allow us to do so. For my much needed holiday I went to the R&R central, Goa. And, as I began to pack I realised that I was in desperate need of trendy yet casual shoes and that’s where Paio Shoes came in!

All  shoes that are made by this brand, are handmade using local artisans. Each shoe is specially crafted, moulded and cushioned to give you utmost comfort and stability. The word Paio stands for a ‘Pair of Shoes’ in Italian. Part of their dream was to ensure that they would create a range of shoes that manifests in the Italian culture on the basis of its Indian roots! They have this incredible option where you can craft your own shoe. You can select the design, then select the material. And, then there is the one factor that serves as a game changer for women everywhere! You also get to decide the heel and the height of the pair of shoes. With shoes ranging from luxury to casual you certainly can’t go wrong with your own designs!


My flat pair of shoes were exactly what I needed for my holiday. If you are looking for something specifically custom made for your feet, then  I would highly suggest checking them out!


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