Designing Your Plan.

Behind every successful woman is a book hidden somewhere with her thoughts and her daily planning that serves as a map to chart out the right road to her dreams. As a writer, I find it extremely crucial to strategise my schedule ahead and to allocate time to help me grow as an individual.

Recently, Design Maison gifted me with an awesome stationary collection that made all of this possible. Known for their stunning customised stationary, I absolutely loved my “Avec Shaz” banner posted across everything they had given me.

Their wonderful planner is what I currently use. It helps me jot down my daily to-do list and has inspirational daily quotes at the top of the page to help me always stay driven. For example today’ quote is, “Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can”. Quotes like these always give me what I call the ‘one-liner- kick’ that serves as a jump start to my morning.

They also sent me a unique customised calendar which is placed closely to my dressing table and is marked with important dates for the month. Just incase there is something to pay extra attention to, I can be assured now that I certainly won’t forget. I was also given business cards designed specifically to match the colours and theme of my blog which I obviously absolutely ADORED!

Design Maison truly made it easy for me to sort out my thoughts and to focus on my goals everyday.

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