Does Space In A Relationship Hold You Together Or Make You Drift Apart?

I have always felt that every relationship NEEDS space. In order to make a connection grow you need to be reminded of the person’s value in your life and sometimes the only way that can be done, is when you miss them. However, is too much space a good thing? What if you drift apart? Let’s examine what the balance of a healthy relationship should be.

Need for intimacy: No two people share the same level of need for intimacy. When you need that sense of togetherness, the other party may not. The best way to balance this is by communicating effectively. If you need space or more time with someone the best way to salvage your relationship is by being honest and speaking to each other. If you don’t do this, the other person may come off clingy for wanting time with you or cold for not needing it. You don’t want stigmas in your relationship because you forgot to communicate needing closeness or time apart.

Keeping your individuality: Some time apart to do the things you love by yourself is important for your individual growth. You need to always be your own person. People in relationships tend to think that the key to a healthy one is by becoming one entity. They don’t do this consciously but then a few months down the line, start resenting the person they did it for. Always remember who you are and what makes you, YOU. Paying attention to your career goals, your family, and nights out alone with your friends, is important. Remember, all these things were there when you had no one but yourself to count on. And, there is no reason why that should be neglected now that you DO.

‘Space’ CAN ALSO make you drift– Too much space, is NOT a good thing. The thing about relationships is that as much as you need space to ensure your love grows, the truth is, you also need to grow TOGETHER. If you don’t spend enough of time with your other half you won’t get to enjoy the best part of true intimacy. There should be days where you go out with each other’s friends, where you sit at home and do nothing but spend time together, where you wake up and eat breakfast, or where you stopped by for a quick coffee. A relationship will become stagnant if not nurtured correctly.

Just like everything in life, you can only be successful at having a healthy relationship if it is one that is balanced. It should be balanced with love, support, personal space, chemistry and sometimes just by being a friend.

At the end of the day, there is no exact formula at getting a relationship right. However, making sure that you are focusing on yourself as well as keeping the excitement alive in your bond…

well.. perhaps that’s the key!

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