How He Keeps You Interested Without Having To Date You!


Clever isn’t it?

Isn’t it strange how a man will barely put in any effort to keep you and yet you will cling on for his attention and never really understand why? Perhaps some of us like the challenge because we cant handle any sort of rejection. Or, perhaps he is specifically doing certain things to keep you interested without having to actually give you what you seek. Take a look at the some of the things he does to keep you interested without having to date you!

The part time lover– When you are with him he treats you exactly like one would treat their girlfriend.  However, have you noticed the second you leave him there is absolutely no consistency to his actions? He doesn’t call and ask you how your day was, he barely texts you and he only gets in touch with you to ask when he will see you next? You convince yourself that perhaps this will grow in time, however it doesn’t grow, does it? If someone truly likes you and wanted to date you, they’d want to hear from you everyday. No exceptions.

Your mine, but not really!- The second you start giving another guy more attention, he starts giving you more attention. Any person with a brain would comprehend that as him wanting to date you.WRONG! It doesn’t mean that at all. The second you switch off on the other guy, he switches off on you. See, he wants to know that you are his without having to be completely be yours. Match his level of actual commitment. There is no need for you to turn down other dates till you’ll have had the conversation of being exclusive.

Social media exchange– Social media exchange of likes, pokes and sharing videos, doesn’t count. Ladies, please remember that as a rule! If he is not texting or calling, this form of exchange doesn’t mean he is trying to get to know you. This is what people do when they are bored. I know it is bitter to hear but it is the truth. I mean, think of when you do it? Are you actually trying to get to know someone this way? Don’t compare human interactions to a fleeting thought on social media. Also, check out Why Real Connections Are Actually The One Thing You Shouldn’t Have To Fight For.

I am drunk, so I am emotional- Yes, when people are drunk their emotions come out. However, these are exaggerated versions of their emotions. Men are ruled by their minds and NOT their hearts. So, even if he has a weak moment on the weekend, where he is telling you that he misses you and wants to be with you, he may not mean it in the morning. Do not give into this. Stand your ground and ask him to talk to you sober. Also, check out How To Go From Casual To Monogamous? #GirlsGuideToCommitment.

As women, the one thing we do wrong in the dating game, is hear only what we want to hear. We do not see the reality of a situation because we don’t want to. So if a man is stringing you along instead of just seeing that, we convince ourselves that he actually cares. Perhaps it’s the fear or rejection or simply because our minds and hearts are forever hopeful. Either ways, we must remember to hold on to that hope, to keep believing and never settle for less.

Remember, he is replaceable but what you want from your life? That surely isn’t.


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