How To Bring Your Sexy Back! This One’s For The Ladies.

There is actually no such thing as being sexy. When we see women being referred to as sexy, we automatically presume it has something to do with her appearance. Although, on some level it does, what makes her truly stand out is the confidence and acceptance she has of herself. Which brings me to my point. It is not about being sexy, it is about feeling sexy.

One of the best ways you can achieve this is by what you wear. Sexy and seductive lingerie is truly my favourite way of making sure you feel your best. It’s like being a closet vixen. Like an accessory you wear underneath your regular ensemble and an armour you carry with you as a reminder that there is a fierce woman that resides within. Remember, other people noticing how good you look first comes from you feeling and knowing you look good.

The Lingerie Shop is your one stop ticket at getting close to your inner Goddess. Their products are delivered right to your doorstep in packaging that will truly make any girl smile.

At the end of day, I think every woman should claim her feminine power. When you choose a matching set of lingerie that makes you feel seductive instantly, that is the energy you immediately let out to the world. You could be climbing the cooperate ladder or a freelance consultant, but who you are at work doesn’t define you. There are various sides to you. Being in touch with all sides is what moves you from being the little girl trying to please everybody, to the woman confident enough to know what she wants and how she feels.

The Be Mine collection at the Lingerie Shop defines this entire concept. Just like my belief system, they believe ‘Sexy isn’t a shape, it’s an attitude’. Their line speaks for itself. Their glamorous and alluring ensembles is truly what makes their collection one in its kind. At the end of the day, every woman needs a high- end lingerie line that speaks to her. One of the main things that we have learnt on the journey of becoming independent strong women, is that no matter what make up you wear or clothes you buy, beautiful…

begins underneath.


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