How To Get Guys To Approach You.

Have you ever been out with that one girlfriend of yours and men seem to flock to her like a moth to a flame? Meanwhile, you’re standing around wondering why no one comes up to you and starts a conversation? You can’t help but wonder, is she prettier or just plain lucky? Turns out it is probably neither. The truth is, there is a certain aura about her that makes her more approachable then you. The good news? You can give out the same aura and here is how:

Smiling– This is one of the simplest ways to make you more approachable to the people around you, yet many of us forget to do it. If someone is looking your way, and you do not acknowledge them with a simple smile, what makes you think they are magically going to have the courage to come and talk to you? Who would want to talk to the girl that seems in to only hanging out with her own clique? If you see someone across the room that you think is cute, smile at them. Extremely harmless and highly efficient, this serves as almost an opening line for someone to make the effort to come and speak with you.

Confidence: If you walk into a room presuming no one will speak to you then that is exactly the energy you will give out. Ever seen the girl who walks in and owns the room? How does she do it? Is it because she’s boisterous and loud? No! Mostly those women get viewed as attention seekers and super annoying. But the ones that do, they do it by being friendly, by mingling, by laughing, by being in the present and not on their phones and by being confident. If you are going out with your friends, enjoy yourself. Give out positive energy and watch it bounce right back through all the people that notice it, thus also finding it inviting.

Eye contact– If you do find a guy cute and want to give him that little push to come up and talk to you, make eye contact. How is he to know that you are interested if he doesn’t notice you acknowledge him. Set your eyes on the guy you’re attracted to for 2-4 seconds and smile. Look away and then do it ten minutes later. Do not do it for longer or more than that, because you don’t want to come off to eager either. This gives them the ego boost they need to know they can walk over to you and start a conversation.

Be nice– I know this sounds simple but for some reason most women don’t do it. You know the girl that talks about ‘play hard to get, it always gets them going?’ Ever wondered that if so many men were after her, how she is still single? We talk a big game to our girlfriends but the ones that don’t, are the ones that are actually getting the attention. They just don’t mention it because they are not always looking for attention and if they get it, they don’t feel the need to boast about it. How are they doing this? Surprisingly, by not being a bitch. If he comes and talks to you and you think he’s attractive, be nice to him, get to know him and be your charming self. If you are rude in anyway and presume that this will give him motive to chase you, well you are sadly mistaken. Only if a guy feels you are semi interested will he ask you for your number and think it is safe to initiate a possible next meeting.

Guys are just as scared as women. In fact we kind of have it easier. While we may wait around for someone to come and talk to us, men are the ones that actually have to take the risk of being rejected. So, understand that this is a two way street and your not the only species with self-doubt. At the end of the day, you are single, fabulous and have a lot to offer. And, as long as you wear that when you walk to any room, by doing so, you are literally owning who you are.

And that my friends, is not only a quality you see rarely but one that never…

goes out of style.

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