How To Make A Clean Exit On A Terrible Date!

bad date

How to get out?

So, you’re on a date that is going beyond horrible that it can actually redefine the word completely. You are now dying to make a swift exit but find yourself glued to your chair. Sometimes getting out of a situation is actually more painful then being in it. Take a look at a few tips that will help you make a swift and clean exit!

911 – No, you don’t actually call the cops guys! 911, is what you message your appointed friend so that they can call you with an excuse where you can act out an elaborate scene. It’s simple really! You text them 911, they call you, and then you tell your date that you have a family emergency and unfortunately have to leave. Although this is very commonly used, the beauty in this is, that even if he knows about this specific tactic he probably won’t call you out on it. He obviously has to let you go but will also be left wondering if you are really interested. And, if you are not, there is nothing like killing two birds with one stone.

You’ve got plans – If you are not feeling the date, slyly drop into conversation that you have to be somewhere else in a while. This way you are giving the person a ‘heads up that this date is not going to go on for hours. This not only gives you an exit strategy, but is also giving them the chance to make other plans incase they thought they would be spending most of the night with you.

Ask for the cheque– Sometimes it is easy to get the message across without having to do much. Basically treat this rendezvous like a meal with your girlfriend. Once you guys are done with dinner, ask for the cheque, pay half of it and tell him you had a lovely time but you have to get going. Keeping it short and simple with a touch of confidence shows that you aren’t that interested. No girl in the history of dating cuts a date short if she’s really interested and men, actually happy to know this!

I have to wake up early for work– Very commonly used but definitely one that can give you that smooth exit. No one can turn around and tell you they think you are lying because your job can totally be a very demanding one. This also allows you to leave the date at whatever time you want based on what time you supposedly have to be up for your “extremely hectic job”.

There are tons of excuses that you can use if your date isn’t going as planned. However, use this carefully. Remember, no matter what, the person siting opposite you entertained this meeting because they wanted to get to know you. While it is good not to lead someone on and to not waste their time, it is also common decency to be polite.

We have all been on the other end of the stick. So treat people in the way that you wouldn’t mind being treated in return.

Eventually, what goes around come around.

So whatever you do, play wisely 🙂


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