Jewellery At Its Finest.

We all know that accessorising your outfit can change your entire look completely. Fine jewellery doesn’t necessarily need to be worn at weddings or special occasions. Incorporating certain pieces to your weekend or everyday look, can immediately alter your outfit by making it stand out effortlessly.

I am excited to introduce Meraki by Harshini Jethani to you! Their line up of semi precious jewellery, embedded in silver with various exquisite gem stones are absolutely stunning! Their designs range from Chand Balis, Maang Tikka Jumkhas, noteworthy Egyptian jewellery and to Boho. Every piece of jewellery is unique its on way and their dreamy colours add value to any look you might be going for.


My personal style has always been elegant, simple with a tinge of fierce from time to time. Elegance can be brought upon by the way you carry yourself but also by the delicate and fine jewellery you wear. Meraki jewellery offers pieces that cater to all the elements in my personal style and I have a feeling…

it will cater to yours 🙂


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