Jewellery That Speaks.

They say you can’t leave home without your accessories. However, finding Jewellery that can speak to your individual style can truly be difficult. Although you can follow fashion trends, I have always felt that what looks good on everyone else doesn’t necessarily look good on you. At the end of the day, your look should enhance the feeling of empowerment, confidence and style. If you don’t feel these things, you won’t look it. It is just that simple. So, instead of blindly following just about any brand, find one that understands YOU.

Recently, I was gifted this gorgeous purple stone set by Silvette Jewellery. When trying to find something to match by favourite Maxi from Zara, I decided to try on this set and see if it would go with my morning look. The colours of the set not only blended in perfectly with my outfit but I felt it was elegant, classy and gave my look a certain amount of character.

I decided to try on some of the other pieces I had from them and absolutely fell in love with the earrings below. Not only does this pair make your face truly stand out but they are extremely versatile and can be worn on both Indian and Western outfits. I personally truly enjoy jewellery that doesn’t ONLY cater to a specific look and has the element of seamlessly going with any outfit of your choice as well as adding the right amount of colour and edge.


For more information on Silvette Jewellery and their awesome collection that is truly elegant and noteworthy, you can visit them on

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