Love and Other Options

In our generation, most of our decisions are made, by knowing that no matter what we decide, there will always be more options. A generation, that knows that if you wish to buy a cell phone, think carefully, because there are a hundred great smart phones out there. If a friend lets you down, you don’t have to keep in touch or put up with them, because you’ll make more friends. If you are not happy in your career, pick another one, because you deserve to be happy. If your relationship is not working out, let it go, something better will surely come along. Because, when it comes to our lives, there will always be more options.
Our generation has been lucky enough to be born in an era that is constantly changing. From liberal views to advances in technology, you can’t help but stop and wonder, is it really as ‘hard knock’ as we think? Yes, there are people that have more difficult lives then others, but there was a time where things were even harder. Let’s break down some of the points I have mentioned above.
In our grandparents time and even when our parents were young, there were no cell phones. People would wait days till a telegram arrived informing them about critical news. They lived a carefree life and had to be patient to receive everyday communication. Our generation is gifted with so many options when picking our main form of communication, a cell phone. We want to pick the best phone out there and making this decision, is by far, one of our most important ones. We need to ensure that this device will allow us to download the best apps available, so we can know everything that is going on everywhere and let’s not forget our main concern, so we can be in touch with people, constantly. Have you wondered how men and women put themselves through agony when analyzing each other’s texts, yet when they are together they spend most of their time on their respective phones? Ironic isn’t it? We spend so much time making sure that we pick the best option in the digital world, but don’t value the option of having real company.
Remember your grand parents telling you about their one college friend who was always there for them? Did they ever mention any social acquaintances? There was a time you didn’t have the option of going through people so easily. If a friend messed up, it became a story for the grandkids. In our generation if our friends let us down, we push them away. We make new friends and we do the same thing with our careers. If it’s not working out, we try something else. We treat people and decisions in our lives like everything is replaceable. Yet, we constantly complain how finding love and a good relationship is almost impossible. Both these notions require hard work and an attitude where having an option, isn’t an option. Which brings me to my main point. Our generation is misguided and starved for a concept that is known as, love.
Loving someone means that they can’t be replaced. Unfortunately, you have to fight for them in the moments that you could get up and leave. You have to stick it out through the good and the bad. You have to compromise and be open to change. Today, we don’t fight for relationships or people that might have real potential to keep us happy. This is because, we live under the assumption that if it doesn’t work out, something better will always come along. In a generation that is governed by options and focused so much on being self involved, where is the place for love?
So STOP, look around, be grateful and open up your heart, before it’s to late.
There was a world once where people fought for the things they loved and the things they believed in. You can only value something if you’re NOT constantly waiting for something better to come along. And I’m sorry to get you off your high horse, but what makes you so sure, that better will come?
Think about it this way. If what you had, was all you had…
Wouldn’t it be enough?

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