Love and ‘The One’.

Ah.. Love! The feeling you can’t comprehend and the emotion that we all fear and desire at the exact same time. And, if you meet that person, what are the factors that make them stand out from all the other fish in the sea? How do we really know that this person could be the person you could possibly spend the rest of your life with?

Well, compatibility is key. Although they say opposites attract, I personally feel they don’t stand for a long lasting relationship. Yes, the passion can be high and the differences in your personalities can intrigue you. However, when you are compatible with someone you will notice how your values, morals and out look towards life is very similar. You will also have incredible passion and intimacy with this person but their understanding towards your soul, is easier to gage because they are compatible with you. And, that usually plays a key role in a relationship that can grow.

As cliché as it may sound, I have always felt that you only truly know that someone could be ‘the one’ when their happiness matters to you. It is not about confining them to fit what you want. It is not about controlling them. It is about genuinely caring about what makes them happy and providing support wherever you can. Both parties aid in each other’s growth as individuals, they don’t take away from it.

Monogamy? Well that comes naturally. We all know by now that true intimacy can only reach its peek when shared with someone you love. So even if you were to check out the other fish, for some reason, it won’t come close to what you feel when you’re with said person.

Another element within this bond, is that you don’t mind giving your relationship time to develop. Most people are always rushing to the finish line. But, when it comes to someone possibly being ‘the one’, it just feels right. You have faith that if it is truly real, then it will figure itself out in time. It is less about where you end up and more about the journey.

One of the most important factors of knowing someone could be ‘the one’, is immense respect for each other. There is no question of how this person should be treated because you could never imagine treating them less. This connection isn’t toxic and it shouldn’t bring you down. There is mutual love and care for the other person, and it is probably more than what you would feel for anyone else. When you’re around this person, you probably want to be the best you can be, for them.

There is no actual way of defining love or knowing if someone is ‘the one’. They say it is just a feeling. It is just something you know or somewhere deep down, have always known. The connection stands out, is unmatchable and compliments you in every way.

Love and real connections liberate you, inspire you, and add positivity to your life.

But simply put, I think the answer is simple and I think it really comes down to one thing.

When you’re with him or her, they make you feel something that no one else manages to bring out in you.

What is that you ask?

I think it’s called…

feeling the most alive.









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