Mehndi Style Tips.

Yes, yet another friend of yours is getting married and you have to sort through your clothes to find the perfect outfit for her functions. My personal favorite function is the Mehndi ceremony. Very few of us actually know what the ceremony symbolizes so let me elaborate.

The popular beliefs associated with this tradition are as follows:

  • The darkness in the bride’s Mehndi symbolizes the love between the to be married couple.
  • The colour of the Mehndi is believed to also show love and understanding between the bride and her mother in law.
  • The longer the Mehndi colour stays on, the more auspicious it is for the couple.

A beautiful function which represents love, togetherness and let’s be honest, if by far one of the most fun ones for all Indian women. So what do you wear to this function?

I personally love the collection by Limited Addition. The contemporary indo western Lehenga I have from this collection is absolutely stunning and filled with happy and warm colours that is perfect for such a function.



Limited Addition by Komal Vora is a designer pret wear brand that customises every ethnic outfit with threads that touch our rich Indian heritage while adding a modern touch to it as well. The combination of colours with Indian embellishments like the handwork on the choli and the traditional bandhani print, makes this Lehenga perfect for a symbolic function.

When finding an outfit for your friend’s wedding function I would highly recommend choosing bright and happy colours as these occasions are not only about the bride and groom but bringing all the people that matter to them under one roof. Pick an outfit that speaks to you and you are comfortable in, like I feel in this ensemble. By doing this, you can not only look stylish through the ceremony but will be able to enjoy every moment of it :).



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