Signs That He is Pulling Away From Your Relationship.

Is he pulling away ?

Pulling away from relationship

When men seem distant it can be for various reasons. Perhaps he needs his space, he is focusing on his goals or maybe it is a sign that he is not interested in the relationship anymore and this is leading to a breakup. So what are the signs that he is actually pulling away from the relationship?

Initiates Less– When a guy starts initiating much less than he used to, that is surely a red flag. If he never texts or calls first, never makes plans , or doesn’t call to say good night, then he maybe trying to pull the ‘slow fade’. The thing is, even if we get busy in our daily lives and possibly have more responsibilities than our other half, our other half is still a priority. So, if you stop feeling like your important to their daily routine or to their week, then there might be a possibility that they are one foot out the door. For more information on men being one foot out the door refer to The Ghosting Phenomena

Not That Interested– When a guy stops asking how your day was or doesn’t seem interested in the things that matter to you, this is another sign of him pulling away from the relationship. When a guy cares for you or wants the relationship to work, no matter how busy he is he will still want to know what is happening in your life. If you notice that he is not sharing the big things that are happening in his life, then you can be assured that a wall is being built between the two of you.

If he doesn’t want to get physical– Men always want to get physical. I repeat, ALWAYS. So if he isn’t responding enthusiastically to when you try to initiate that element in your relationship, something might surely be up. When a man is confused about a relationship and is pulling away, he might view getting physical with his significant other as a way of leading her on. At this point he will withdraw just like women do when they feel their significant other has let them down in some way. It is very similar to that notion.

Stops including you– Another sure sign that a man might be on the verge of letting go is when he stops including you on outings with his family or friends. He might need that time to rethink things but it can also be a sign that he doesn’t take the relationship as seriously as he may have initially. If you notice that your outings are more separate then they are together, he might be hinting at some much needed space.

At the end of the day, it is normal to have a life outside your relationship. It is normal to want space. It is normal to want to catch up with your friends and family, alone. However, at what point is having a life outside your relationship having two separate lives all together?  (for more information you may also refer to Does Space In A Relationship Hold You Together Or Make You Drift Apart? )

If you are feeling that he might be pulling away from your relationship then the best thing for you to do is, ask him. If someone just needs time to himself or herself they will tell you that. However, if they are ready to close this chapter then they might just be cowardly awaiting for you to approach the subject. If this is the case, then you might as well speed up the process and get your answers. Not knowing will only cause you endless amount of anxiety.

Remember, in a relationship it takes two to tango. And, if either partner is not committed to learning the dance, well then, there is nothing more uplifting than…

dancing on your own!


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