Recognising Chivalrous Men.

As modern women we tend to appreciate the modern man. Yet time and again, we get into relationships and crave tradition. Why is this you ask? We crave the way a man ‘courts’ a woman because lets face it, some things are not supposed to change with time.

However, in the ‘courting’ process we let go of all the ways a true gentleman should treat us. We think ‘it’s the 21st century; perhaps I should get with the times’. Wrong! If we as women allow chivalry to die then it WILL. The good news is, some men still believe in it.

Take a look at how you can recognise a true gentleman from a man that doesn’t care enough to put in the effort.

Holds the door: You are probably thinking ‘I can open my own door, I’m strong enough’. Yes you are. But holding the door for a woman shows you that the man is not only tuned in with his surroundings but also cares enough to do the ‘done’ things.

Calls when he says he will: Women constantly let this one go! Do any of these excuses ring a bell? ‘He was probably in a meeting’, ‘he’s probably out with his friends’, and my personal favorite, ‘maybe he was just Busy’. Wrong again! If a guy says he’ll call you and doesn’t, then I am sorry to break it to you, but he probably is not that interested. A true gentleman and a person that IS into you, wants TO SPEAK TO YOU! He wants to show you that he can keep his word. Keep in mind the words ‘flaky’ and ‘gentleman’, are never used in the same sentence.

Slight PDA– Most women get uncomfortable with public displays of affection. However, we do like the occasional kiss on the check, holding hands, and hand around our waist. A true gentleman is not afraid to show people that he is seriously into someone and is COMFORTABLE with everyone knowing that.

Friends and family: You know if a man is truly a gentleman and takes your bond seriously, when he is willing to meet your friends and family. They don’t have to be best friends with him but putting in that effort shows you that he is mature. This should make your decision about taking HIM seriously that much easier.

NO games– I repeat no games. A true gentleman says it how it is. He doesn’t want to play games with you. This would entail, leading you on and the ‘ up and down’ cycle of being ‘in and then out’. He will want you to know he is in and he would want the same in return. He will value how much he is investing into this.

If you do meet a man like this then you’re probably heading in the right direction of being with someone fabulous.

However, sometimes women tend to complain about not having these traits in their previous boyfriends, and then when they do find a man like this, they take them for granted. Remember ladies, a true gentleman will want a confident queen by his side. He will NOT want a fragile princess running around looking for her knight in shining armor.

Perhaps chivalry only exists when YOU decide which royal …

YOU wish to be.


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