Redefining Sportswear for Millennials.

Ah working out! As women, we work hard at maintaining our figures. Whether it is being on a healthy diet, or working out at the gym, our appearance matters to us! But what do you do when you want to look good while achieving your goals? You might be looking to catch the eye of someone in particular where you work out or you might just be one of those people that needs to feel good while working out (so you can work harder towards your dream body). No matter what your reason is, sometimes, all we want is to feel confident even when we are sweating it out.

This is where this unique brand comes in. Myriad is known for making fitness fashionable and works towards bridging the gap between sports wear, daily wear and luxury wear, into an all day versatile active wear. What I personally love about the brand is their unique sense of style. Their style is an eclectic mix of urban quirk, fitness Zen and comfortable every day wear.

If you have a to grab a quick coffee or movie post your work out then their clothes are the perfect brand to turn to for the working city girl. Their collection ranges from various edgy tops, outerwear, bottoms and sporty dresses. You may not be able to look glamorous all the time, however, with the help of Myriad you can surely still look cute!

Check out more on this distinctive and quirky clothing line on Myriad Activewear

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