Setting The Mood!

Ah! date night is around the corner and you want to make it special. Other than ordering his or her favourite meal, perfect dim lighting and slipping in to something sexy, the way the room smells can actually play a huge role in setting the mood for the night. They say the way something smells is very powerful. It can “transport us to another place, evoke nostalgic memories and unsurprisingly this is directly connected to attraction”.

My personal tip? I absolutely adore and recommend trying these sensual and fruity aromas by Siddharth by MKC. These diffusers truly make your room smell divine and inviting. They have various scents to choose from. My personal favourite is their Mist home fragrance. It has a fresh blend of lemon, green leaves with teasing spices and aquatic notes. Their collection includes fragrances like Nectar, Carnal, Velvet, Ittar, Dew and Oak. Although candles are a great option for setting the mood, I feel they aid more in mood lighting then they do with giving a room the alluring scent it craves. This brand is known for their luxurious products but their fragrances are truly one of a kind.

Using these diffusors is pretty simple as well. All you really have to do is place the sticks that come with your aroma diffuser into the bottle to absorb the diffuser oil. Then you have to flip the sticks so that the dry side of the sticks is now immersed in the bottle while the wet side is in the air.

When planning a special date night at home you need to go all out to not only keep the excitement alive but to keep the romance alive as well. Being romantic requires work, time and patience. Using these types of fragrances are not only sensuous in nature but promote a euphoric aura to your room. Luckily, there are certain products out there that can be delivered to our doorstep and help us achieve this in seconds!


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