Signs that you are dating the wrong person!


Do you see it?

Just because you are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you are with the person you are supposed to be with. Sometimes, this can be hard to see. Other times, some of us just live in denial. Take a look at a few signs that may help guide you.

The disconnect

Are you truly happy? Not content, happy? See, when you are with the wrong person there is a constant disconnect at the bottom of your stomach telling you that something doesn’t add up. Most of the time, we just ignore it. I am not saying a relationship needs to be perfect in every aspect. Some differences are good differences. They keep the spice alive in a relationship because there is room to learn something new. But, if you constantly feel that something is lacking, something that you need to be able to grow with someone, then, you are probably right.

They do not aid in your growth. 

Love is anything but selfish. Most of the time true love is selfless. Can they aid in your growth or do they take away from it? I believe that the right person would put your growth above their need for you. They believe in the greatness within you and support you. The second you feel caged or that you are giving up a whole lot of yourself for someone else, you are probably not with the person you should be with.

People tell you to get out.

You certainly do not have to live your life based on other people’s opinions. But if all the people who love you think that you should get out of this, then it might be something to think about. Sometimes the people that love us can see things that we can’t. If their reasons are valid, hear them out and then keep those reasons at the back of your mind. If it ends up being true, you’ll know what to do. To read more on this, check out Why People Stay In The Wrong Relationships.

More cons then pros.

If you know in your heart that the cons overweigh the pros then you already know what you should do. Sometimes we need to talk to ourselves. We need to force ourselves to see the truth, even when it’s hard. If there is more bad then there is good, then you are probably settling for breadcrumbs. Don’t you think you deserve a whole sandwich? Perhaps you are just starved for the idea of love, but focus less on your hunger and more on what you know in your heart of what that word should look like.

Relationships can be a crutch. One, which we hold on to because it’s a habit, because it is nice to say that we are in one and because we simply just don’t want to be alone. However, did you notice that not one of those sentences mentioned actually being in love?

Be in something worth being in.

Because the truth is, holding on to a bond for dear life is only holding you back from having the life  you want.

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