Signs That You Are Getting Led On!

Getting led on?

Being led on is the worst! You spend so much time talking to someone or spending time with someone, and then BAM! All of a sudden, you learn that they are into someone else and that they just saw you as a “friend”. So, how do you avoid being put in this situation?

Take a look at some of the signs you should be paying attention to!

Takes forever to respond to your texts!

If someone was into you, wouldn’t they respond in a timely fashion? When you’re not into someone and you see them as just a “friend”, don’t you write back based on your convenience?

Keeps changing their mind about what they want.

One minute they’re excited about you and the next minute, they are aloof. They don’t seem to have any real idea about what they want. This is a sure sign of being led on. They have no clarity whatsoever and are probably just enjoying the attention.

Calls when drunk.

Again! This = attention lover. In moments where you feel lonely, getting attention to most people is a like a drug. A hit their system needs in order to momentary fill a void. Don’t be someone’s drug. Whatever they say to you when intoxicated, should be able to be repeated, when sober. And if they cant, then what was said to you, is absolutely meaningless.

Emotionally unavailable.

Everything is great when the two of you are together, but do you always feel something is missing? That they are possibly not opening up their heart to you? Have you ever considered that perhaps they don’t want to? Don’t waste your time with someone that isn’t going to match the same efforts you are willing to put in.

Most importantly, listen to your gut! You will meet all kinds of people before you find that one person that is made for you. Do not get disheartened by things not going your way sometimes.

Remember, only if you get out of something that is not working, can you make space for something that will.


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