Stories And Comfort.

Did you know that what you wear when you are home alone, by yourself, actually always has a story behind it? If it is your most comfortable Pj’s, or a sweatshirt or that ugly scrunchy you would never wear in public, they all have a memory that goes with it. This is why, although you would never wear these things out in public, you never throw them out. Those Pj’s are probably from your childhood closet, the sweatshirt from your college bookstore and the scrunchy from someone you borrowed while abbreviated but had the best night ever.

What we wear when we are spending time with our self tends to always have a tale from the past. Some never told, but moments we hold close to our hearts without even realising it. This is why, when I came across these awesome socks by Dynamocks, I absolutely fell in love with the brand and the concept.

My favourite pair is known as the Voyager. The collage of various small pictures representing different countries and cities will leave you completely nostalgic. I have always felt that all the adventures we have had on our travels play a huge role in who we become. They stay with you because when you travel you are away from your every day life and you get a chance to connect with your soul. With these socks you can actually wear something this trendy on your feet, that serves as a constant reminder of your journey.

Speaking about stories, I also adore their quirky and fun Comic Crash pair. Maybe, it’s the writer in me, but just the thought of having a colourful comic book story on my feet is extremely exciting. For all of you who were in love with comic books as a kid, Dynamocks has created a way to recreate your fondest memories from your childhood thus allowing the child in you to literally stay with you.

If you are looking for comfy footwear that speaks to you, then I strongly suggest checking out their products

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