#TakingCareOfYou- The Right Way To Do It With Kanai Organics

Taking care of your skin means using the right products that promote moisture and a healthy glow. Finding the right products can surely be difficult. I was lucky enough to come across a sensational brand that not only caters to your skin but while doing so; you also manage to give back to the underprivileged. Take a look below!

These products are vegan, cruelty-free, plant-based and are inspired by Ayurvedic wisdom. Their facemask, face wash and moisturizer are known for their natural ingredients thus giving your skin care routine the healthy nourishment that it desperately craves!

Kanai organics brings customers natural, ethically sourced, toxin-free beauty products while also providing a benefit to the underprivileged. They achieve that by sourcing their ingredients from farmers and offering fair trade prices to them. They also also give 2% from the sales of each product to the Rural Development Institute (RDI), which works to improve the lives of women, children & adolescents in the Himalayas.  Taking care of yourself, while taking care of others? Well that’s just priceless!


Their one of a kind Aloe Vera & Manjishtha Face Wash and their Turmeric Apricot Face Mask are listed on amazon.in, as their ‘Amazon choice’. This unique face wash leaves your skin feeling soft and absolutely hydrated. Their distinctive facemask combats acne, blemishes, lightens scars and gets rid of unwanted skin discoloration!

Their Moisturizer is ideal for all skin types. The ingredients include sesame oil as a base and Avocado oil to the formulation to give customers a double dose of antioxidants and essential fat, which keeps the skin healthy and supple. Avocado Oil is known to create ‘plumpness’ of the skin by boosting it with essential vitamins and minerals. Especially helpful for dry skin, one will see visible results in a week’s time alone!

These fantastic beauty products are a MUST HAVE and an absolute game changer!

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