The Flip Switch

In the dating world, most women have been complaining about what my girlfriends and I now call, ‘the flip switch’. You meet a guy, he seems completely into you, pushes the initial courtship and then before you know it, backs off for no apparent reason. This can truly take a complete toll on a woman’s self esteem. It is easy to tell other women that the guy might not be worth it and to just cut him loose. However, we all know it is extremely hard to find closure on something when you don’t have a reason as to why it happened.

The sad part is that men will do absolutely anything (and I mean fly to mars and back) rather than tell you how they really feel. Perhaps showing vulnerability at an early stage makes a man feel emasculated. However, if you are one of those women that need answers then you should take him out to dinner and just ask. Tell him you need closure and tell him you need a reason. If he is a kind-hearted person you hopefully will get some version of the truth that will help you find peace. However, the advice here that I can give most women is, to try to learn to be okay WITHOUT closure. At the end of the day, closure is man made. The reason for this is what we constitute as closure is basically our mind accepting when it is time to give up and move on. It takes place when we our satisfied with an answer.

The reason I ask you to not chase this word is because how do you know what he is saying to you is the honest truth? I know this is probably not what you want to hear but wouldn’t it be easier to just tell yourself that whatever his reason is, it doesn’t really matter? It is his loss. Maybe he did see something he did not like or maybe he is simply a coward. However this is all about him. It doesn’t lessen you, as a person in anyway, so you don’t have to victimize yourself by thinking there is something wrong with you.

At the end of the day, people may tell you the truth or they may say nothing at all. However, if they can walk out of your life with no reason given?

That should speak volumes to you about THEIR character.

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