The Practice Of Being Truly Happy With Yourself!

Most of us seek happiness in our daily lives. Most of us find this happiness by filling in perceived internal voids with our relationships with people, by materialistic things or by aggrandizing status that helps us feel superior to the average human being. However, as time moves on we realize that none of these factors help us feel truly happy within.

Have you ever met someone that has less going for him or her then you, but they gleam with happiness and wondered, why the hell are they so happy? Take a look at 5 things people who are truly happy, practice.

Enjoy being alone– Some people can’t stand being alone. Every moment needs to be filled with people, activities and anything that allows them to not be with them selves. People who are truly happy have mastered a way of drowning out the noise. Have you ever had to do a research paper at a noisy coffee shop? How do you get the paper done? You drown out the noise and you concentrate. All though a simple example, this is also a hard test. A test, that proves that the noise has to be drowned out sometimes. Watch a movie alone, read a book that you have been meaning to read, cook or play an instrument. Remember, if you don’t really enjoy your company, how can you expect someone else to value something you don’t see any value in.

Being grateful for each day: Do you wake up happy? Most of us wake up in a rush. A rush to start our routine, and a rush to start the day. I wake up anticipating my first cup of delicious coffee. While I reach divinity with each sip, I take the time to think of things I have to be grateful for and I smile as I anticipate the day ahead. Send out good energy. The universe will respond. Take the time to thank it for what you have going for you. It only takes a few moments, but what you give out, is what you get back.

Living in the moment: Do any of us live in the moment anymore? We live in an age where multi-tasking has become a norm. We value it, encourage it and are enamored by it. However, it takes away from your capability of doing any one task to its full potential. Happy people live in the moment. When you’re with your friends, get of your phone. When you’re with your family, stop thinking about what you’re going to do post dinner. Live each moment for the moment. Enjoy what is given to you. The truth is, we take for granted the time we put into things and before you know it, that time is gone. And some moments, you never get again.

Acceptance of change: Change is our only constant. If you can’t accept this then you can never truly be happy. It’s a hard concept. One, which can be painful at times. If everything changes, why invest in anything at all, you may ask? However, you should invest. Change is part of life. If you practice living in the moment you will be able to achieve this a little easier. You can’t control the outcome of situations. That’s the funny thing about life. However, just because you did not get the outcome you wanted, doesn’t mean that what you experienced wasn’t real. Investing in real situations that help you grow and real emotions that help you learn, for no matter how short the time, is priceless.

Never compare paths: People who compare themselves to others and other people’s paths, can never be truly happy. You need to accept that your path doesn’t need to be parallel to someone else’s. If you want to be happy, don’t question it. Enjoy it. Maybe there are a few more lessons and a few more obstacles that you still need to learn and overcome. Maybe your rainbow needs to experience a few more colors till you find the pot of gold in the end. And experiencing more than seven colors to a rainbow? Not everybody gets to see that.

The thing about being happy with yourself is that you have to truly want it. You have to practice and you have to seek it. It is not easy and is not possible to do everyday. Some days are hard and let them be. However, remember to try the next day and the one after that.

A wise person once said to me, “Happiness is an emotion …not a destination”.


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