The Single Girl’s Guide To Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is almost here. To a single person this day is your worst nightmare. Even a month before this day starts you have to witness its display of absolute “mushiness” everywhere. I am not exaggerating in any way possible. From doing my grocery shopping, to every commercial on television, this day does a great job of dividing us, from people in relationships. Did I mention that they make their team celebrate a day dedicated to being in a relationship, which is only a reminder of the fact that we don’t have a) a relationship or b) a day. Some of you aren’t that bad, but just like me, some of you are. When I am single on Valentine’s day, anyone that wishes me on this day used to be wished back in return “happy worst day of the year”. Yes, I am not a happy camper when this day arrives and I am alone. But then something happened.

I got bored.

I got bored of me. Has that ever happened to you? You rant and go on about something for so long that you get sick of ranting about it? You realize through your ranting that it’s more of a habit then you actually caring about the topic at hand. I already did the “happy worst day of the year” last time I was single. How unoriginal is celebrating the same day? –  I’ve become one of them.

So, this Valentine’s day, I decided, that if this was going to become a war between the singles and the couples, let’s truly let them know why our side is the ruling team. Couples always tell you that you have it better. Then you go to ask them, how so? This is where they pause and reply, “because you have freedom”. Freedom to do what? Look for love? Something like what you have? This time, let’s tell them that they’re right, and then let’s tell them why.

I will not celebrate “happy worst day of the year” (or any crazy ‘hate names’ I have come up with when trying to deal with this occasion), because I am bored. My team does not ever have to be bored. When MY team gets bored, it has the freedom to start something new in a heartbeat and not have to worry about having to answer to anyone (other than her credit card, of course). My team is sick of hating your team. We get it. You guys have something great. But don’t for a second take away from the fact that we truly do too. We aren’t going to parade it around and scream it aloud in every commercial, but we are going to let you know that what WE have is great too.

You guys are lucky. Today you have love and you have someone to share this moment with. It’s like your team has achieved the goal but our team is still playing the game. The point is, we still get to play. Because along with all the drama, turning to your friends for every small detail to be heard and analyzed, ice cream breakouts, neurotic phone obsessing, butterflies, first “everything’s”, the occasional one that really “Stings”, the smile where everyone including yourself knows you look pathetic but yet it makes everyone jealous, we still get to experience many of them. We GET to do it over and over and we complain when will it be over? But do we really want to wish it all away so fast?

We ALL want what you have. One day we will all find what you have. However, trying a bunch of different ice cream flavors only makes finding the flavor you love the most, that much more appreciable.

So let me leave you with this. Couples, enjoy your day. You’ve earned it. Tell that person you’re with, that you love them and you are extremely lucky to have them stand by you. Let them know that you have been everywhere and back and you are happy to be sharing this day with someone that made it all worth it.

Singles, know that it IS worth it. Even when a person looks deeply in the eyes of the person they love, they know in their hearts, that the journey mattered.

So enjoy this upcoming day. Enjoy the journey and enjoy your freedom. This is a day for love, so let all your loved ones know that you love them and you are happy you have them in your life. Don’t be bitter. Let it go.

Because sooner or later, your nearest ice cream parlor is going to update their flavors and your favorite flavor,

might just be waiting there… for you to try it.

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