The Truth Behind Keeping Him Interested!


Keep Him Interested!

During the initial stages of dating most women allow men to make all the decisions. During this period, they are not only left analyzing every text message but find them selves completely anxious as they await his move, to then make theirs. Which then brings me to my point. If dating is a two way street, why are we allowing one person to pave the path?

The truth is we are too afraid to take initiative because we are scared of a) coming of needy and b) scaring him off. I am sorry to tell you this, but half of the reason as to why he is making all the decisions is because you are to scared that one wrong move will lead him to not being interested in you. So, in exchange, you lower your standards.

Having standards is what makes a man stay interested. I agree, sometimes it doesn’t work and he fails to invest. However, if a guy from the beginning doesn’t want to invest in you, what makes you think that he will do it later? Isn’t it better that you get your answers from the start?

Stand your ground and call him out on things! Don’t bend over backwards or tip toe around freaking him out. Yes, there is a technique in dealing with men. For starters, don’t attack! If he’s always running late or always picking where to meet, you can point out what you would like to change, while still being friendly and sweet. Standing your ground shows him you have expectations and staying calm shows him that you don’t need him, but that you are unimpressed. And, why be so impressed so soon? What has he done to earn it?

Your time is precious and deserves to be valued. So stop worrying about how he may feel and start caring about how he makes you feel.

For e.g. if he meets you an hour later than the allocated time, don’t cancel, meet him and hang out with him. When he plans the next date, playfully ask if he is going to be on time this time? If you are going to say this over text, then please do add a playful emoji. Use emoji’s where they are needed and not aimlessly. He will understand by this, that you did not appreciate what he did last time, however you let it pass, once. Also check out Things You Should Never Do To Keep A Man Interested.

For e.g. if he cancels a date because something came up, DO NOT show him that you are annoyed, even if you are. Next time you have something planned, ask if he is sure he will be able to make it because you have other plans in motion as well. Also check out The Power Within – #TakingYourPowerBack

You do not need to retaliate by cancelling; you just need to be direct about your expectations. So if you are catering to someone you barely know, STOP DOING IT! Continue living your life like you normally do with your friends, family and other priorities. If he wants to be part of your weekly routine, don’t be afraid to voice your expectations in order for him to do so.

If you loose a guy because he stopped investing when you stood your ground, trust me, you are better off. Because the truth is, you probably never had him to begin with!

And, if he can’t meet you half way then ask yourself this; why are you treating a stone on the ground,  like a diamond from Tiffany ?



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