Things Women Do That Make MEN Think You Are Getting Too Serious!

too strong

Are you coming on too strong?

Although I am not one to tell you to be anyone but yourself, sometimes being a certain way can make you come on too strong. Sure, the guy has to like you for who you are, but you don’t have to show him every side to your personality right off the bat. Remember, men like mystery. It is just how they are wired in the beginning stages. Take a look at a few things that you are doing, that is making him not only want to run for the hills, but think that you are getting way too serious way too soon.

Not having a life of your own– If after a few dates he becomes the centre of your weekends, this is definitely going to make him think you are already way too ‘hooked’. Also, as I always say, even if you are in a committed relationship you should have other priorities. Making time for your friends or family should never ‘take a back seat’ just because you have found something that excites you more. Ensure that you are still making time for them, even if that means you need to move a date from a Friday night to a Saturday night. Having a life makes him interested in finding out more about it. For more information check out, The Practice Of Being Truly Happy With Yourself! 

Texting too much– Constantly texting eventually gets annoying. And, lets be honest, how much can you get to know someone over text? I am not saying you can’t talk to him during the day over text, especially if he is the one reaching out. But, figure out a way to move the incessant texting to phone conversations. Be busy during the day and ask him to call you at night to catch up. Once again, having a full life will show him that he is not the centre of your universe and has to work for an allocated spot.

Being ‘catty’ – Most women, in the early stages of dating, have already decided if they think a man has potential for a relationship. However, once they have decided this, they feel they need to act a certain way in order to not scare the man off (as they don’t know if he feels the same way). This part is extremely nerve-racking for us. Ladies, this part is the most important part. Do not let your anxiety make you emotionally unsteady. If you start showing signs of ‘cattiness’ when something doesn’t go your way, it is bound to make him think that you are not the fun loving girl he thought he was getting to know. Instead, he will end up thinking that if he officially dates you, the grip of your cat claws are only going tighten. Do yourself a favour and make sure that if you do not like something he does or says, find the right time and explain it to him. It’s funny, because most people will try various different ways in order to get their way, instead of doing the one and only thing that makes them stand a chance. That happens to be the word, communication.

Being bossy– ‘Calling the shots’ on everything is surely going to push him away. Telling him how to be or dropping hints on the type of men you admire; may seem like a smart manipulative move to you, but it is seen as just that, MANIPULATIVE. Although a species different from ours, they are not dumb! He is eventually going to think that you are constantly trying to belittle him or change him. And, just like you, he wants to be with someone who loves him for him. For more information check out, Signs That He is Pulling Away From Your Relationship.

Honestly, these are the only four things you need to keep in mind. Questioning where the relationship is going is completely up to you. Although they say that you shouldn’t ask that in the early stages, I believe the man doesn’t hold all the power. (Also, check out, The Power Within – #TakingYourPowerBack)

Perhaps it is good to know in the early stages where you stand because women don’t need to sit around till he makes up his mind. However, BEFORE you question anything, make sure you know what YOU want from the bond and your life. Because, once you know that, even if he is not where you need him to be, it is easy for YOU to walk away.

In the words of Scott Fitzgerald “No sir, the girl really worth having won’t wait for anybody”.


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