What A Man Truly Looks For In A Woman.

As women, we spend so much time pondering over the type of guy we look for. However, how often do we stop to think about the fact that if we met that guy, would we possess the qualities that he looks for in a partner? And if so, what are they? Take a look at 5 qualities that a man looks for in a woman.


Do not get ‘cocky’ with this one. A man wants a woman that is confident in her skin. What he doesn’t want is a little girl, running around looking for validation from the people around her. He wants a woman who can hold her own in every situation because she doesn’t feel the need to impress anybody.


Nothing turns a man on more than being intelligent. You do not need to know what is happening around the world all the time or need to have read every book that is out there, however, in areas that you are knowledgeable, have an opinion of your own. Be able to speak your mind. If you don’t know something, be interested enough to learn and ask. There is nothing sexier than someone with a thirst for knowledge.


Why do people play games with each other? Honesty is truly the best policy. And, if someone can’t handle the truth, especially in the courting period (1-3 months), then how are you going to get through more months with him or her? If you do not like something, tell him. Make him feel secure in his bond with you. Do not expect him to just, figure it out. Do not lie to him about minor things. Be honest with him. If he is the right guy for you, it will be extremely appreciated and will go a long way. It is hard to get someone new to trust you, so don’t give them a reason not to.

Laid- Back:

I know women think that being high maintenance puts you on a league above every other woman, but I hate to break it to you, it just makes you a ‘basic girl’. That is how men perceive you. They perceive you as ‘sheep’. If you want to be different from the rest and really have him noticing what a catch you are, be laid-back, calm and collected. Be open to going to different places. Be the girl that can walk in to a five star hotel bar, all classy and elegant, but can also be in her jeans, hair tied up, having chai while sitting on Marine Drive. There is nothing more appealing to a man than this.


You may think you are being there for him, but are you actually supporting him? Most women enter relationships already having high expectations of where he should be in his career and his life. However, do we ever stop to wonder if  our expectations match up to what we bring to the table? If you are still figuring things out, why is it not okay to stand by him while he is figuring things out as well? Why do we put so much pressure on what a man should be like instead of loving him for who he is? I have had more than one man say to me that all he wants in a woman “ is someone who would stand by him, no matter what”.

When it comes to men and women, let’s face it, its truly like dealing with a different species. However, we are all entitled to what we seek and truly want in our other half. Everyone has their list of the type of man they wish for thus every man has the same, for a woman.

So you need to ask yourself, if you are looking for Mr. Right, do you have what it takes, to be right for him?


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