Why ‘Real Ass’ Women Finish Last.

Men claim to want the woman who will stand by them no matter what. If they were poor, balding or finding themselves, they want the woman that would stand by their journey as they create an empire if not alone, but together. Yet, they marry the gold digger, invest in the time waster and fall for the girl with the brain in her ass, fake as they come and who won’t truly love them for who they are. Somehow though, these women end up in relationships that lead to marriage. Ever wondered what you’re doing wrong? I sure do.

See I have come to the conclusion in my life that there are two kinds of people. Regular and spectacular. The regular people are good people. But they are regular because they are accustomed to the hand the world and our reality has dealt them. Our corrupted and promiscuous generation thinks it’s okay to cheat, lie, manipulate and get what you want out of every situation. As long as you have the power, as long as you have the upper hand, make sure you fight for that relationship because only abusing someone’s love for you will truly make you happy and feel admired. And that is the person you marry?

You can’t hate on these people because they are owning the hand that they are dealt. In fact I personally think that we should give them a round of applause for figuring out a difficult game. You have to be part genius to win in a game that is so corrupted, vague and undefined. Yes, my friends, that game is our dating life.

Then there is the spectacular lot. The ones like you and I that don’t get this game at all. We are the ones that get hurt, the ones that give too much and the ones that end up feeling not worthy. But here is the ironic part. We are also the ones that are loyal, that can love from the heart, that can fight for the people we care about, that are fierce and vulnerable at the same time and are the sole reason romance still exists.

If you find yourself attracting the wrong guy it’s truly because he is one of the regulars. You belong to different groups. And the sooner you recognize that, the better it is for you. I am not saying that along the way you are going to meet a few regulars that change your life, inspire you, and shake you to your very core. You might. But they are only sent on your path for you to spread love. For you to give them something to aspire too. It is less for you and more for them.

So what do you get out of this you ask? When you spread love you get to learn more about the concept itself. You get to learn that if you can light up someone’s life with no expectations then one day you will find a similar soul that will do the same for you. Do not invest in these people. They are momentary figurines in your life.

The people worth investing in will own the group they belong to. They will stand up and want to be more. They will want to because you make them want to be a better person and visa versa. Neither group is better than the other. Just know which one you belong to. Be honest with yourself.

And if you ever wonder why a ‘real ass’ woman like yourself hasn’t found love yet? The answer is simple.

Good and average is easy to find. But greatness, uniqueness and true realness are qualities that are rare. Stop viewing this is as your weakness for it not something a common person comes across.

And to find the other half? That will take time.

So it is up to you. Do you want to settle or do you want to wait?

Because if you are the cliché romantic just like me, then settling…

wouldn’t be an option.





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