Zombieing! Our Newest Dating Trend.


Just when you thought you had wrapped your mind about getting ghosted, I now introduce, getting zombied. What is the difference you ask? Well, getting ghosted happens when the person who you seem to share a connection with or have dated for a while goes completely MIA. Like a ghost, they disappear (Read more in my article, The Ghosting Phenomena). However, zombieing, is when they reappear. Just when you thought things couldn’t get worse, these souls happen to be immortal because they have the power to rise from the dead.

Let me explain further. Remember that guy that you had a great connection with and then it died out? Yet for some reason he likes your Facebook pictures sometimes, he totally checks out your Instagram stories and once in a while, you get the occasional ‘Hey what’s up’ WhatsApp message. That my friends, is being zombied.

See the best part about this one is that he vanished for enough of time so that when he reappears your first conversation will not be, ‘where the hell did you disappear?’ He uses time as a reason to not even have to give you an excuse. Out of sight and out of mind, right? He’s hoping that you have forgotten his douche bag behaviour of cutting you out and that you will reconsider being an option in his little black book (or in our case, IPhone).

Honestly, men go though this as well with women, so this isn’t just a female thing. The thing is, people like to keep people on hold. And, as much as the zombies (whatever gender) won’t admit it, they are doing this because they are single and bored. You are nothing but an option to them and they are not going to have a sudden change of heart about where this bond should go. They could also just be doing this for attention.

So, the next time you are being zombied, do yourself a favour and don’t answer. If a complete stranger has already mistreated you once, why allow them back in your life? Is it because you need attention? And, if getting attention means getting it by sacrificing your own dignity…

Well, maybe that’s something you need to work on.


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